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...Mrs. Mary Moll, of Green Lane, PA, theonly lady liquor dealer in the State, has successfully conductedthat business for a period of ten years. The late Nathaniel Moll,her husband, started the business about twenty-six years ago andconducted the same until his death. Mrs. Moll then took entirecharge of the business and through her careful businessmanagement has more than tripled the capacity of the business.Today all her purchases are on carload lots, thus placing her ina position to sell liquor of the best quality at the lowestpossible price.

A 1900photo post card of Mrs. N.B. Moll's home in Green Lane, Pa

The history connected with thislady's business career is most interesting. Mrs. Moll, when shetook possession of the business, had many obstacles to overcomebut, being a woman of wonderful business tact, she bravely foughtthe many unpleasant features connected with the business andsuccessfully built up a trade far superior to any in thiscountry. She deals directly with the leading liquor brokers inthe United States, who are held in account for every action bythe government.


Strapsidedwhiskey flask used by Mrs. N.B. Moll.

All knowexamples are in the quart size


Copper plate for stenciling wooden packing crates. Early advertising trade card for Mrs. N.B. Moll's wine and liquors

Mrs. Moll's first year's salesamounted to ninety-six barrels of liquor. This she increased bygiving the business on the road her personal attention. Afterthree years of careful work as a drummer she abandoned the road.During her trips on the road she kept a strict account of all herexpenses and came to the conclusion that she could build up hertrade much better by giving her customers the advantage of herexpenses. She now sells her liquors 50 cents a gallon cheaperthan when on the road.

Mrs. Moll, during her businesscareer, had gained the reputation of selling nothing but highgrade liquors. She supplies the leading doctors throughout thisand adjoining counties with liquors for medicinal purposes. Shecarries a stock of pure rye whiskies ranging in age from 5 to 20years. Her business has rapidly increased and now she handlesover three hundred barrels every year.

The success of herbusiness is due largely to the manner in which Mrs. Moll buys herwhiskies. Her purchases are made generally in carload lots, notonly being able to buy at a good reduction, but savingconsiderable on transportation. To give our readers some idea ofthe extent of this business, it is only necessary to say that arepresentative of the Star Union Railroad Company recentlyvisited her at her home and tried to make arrangements to haveher shipments over their lines.

Embossingon front of strapsided quart.

Last week she received fivebarrels of a twenty-year-old whiskey as a sample order. Aftertesting the liquor she found it to be an even higher quality thanwhat she had expected and immediately wired for twenty-fivebarrels more. This whiskey was made from pure rye in this Statein 1881. In 1894 it was shipped to Bremen, Germany, where itremained till 1900. The high grade whiskies are generally sentacross the seas as it is claimed that the salt air and peculiarmotion of the vessel increases the quality of the liquor. Liquorin the process of aging evaporates very rapidly and the greaterthe evaporation the more valuable the liquor. Of the five barrelsreceived by Mrs. Moll when first filled each contained 44 1/2gallons. When Mrs. Moll received them the barrels contained from14 to 20 gallons a piece.

Twenty-year-oldwhiskey is seldom found in liquor stores at the present day, butit is known that Mrs. Moll always has in stock the choicest andmost rare liquors, according to age, that can be found on themarket. 




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